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Crypto Mindset Reset

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Vegas Crypto Group proudly present the Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit

From beginner to Satoshi level our virtual summit offers the opportunity to learn and to interact with some of the most knowledgeable creators, builders and thought leaders in Crypto. Two days of amazing networking opportunities and exciting discussions around privacy, using wallets, security best practices, decentralized exchanges, crypto mining, web3, the Metaverse and the utility of NFTs.

Explore Like Never Before

The virtual summit platform is far and away, the most interactive and best-looking 3D Virtual Event platform. Very easy for the attendees to use. It feels like an event rather than a glorified website or list of webinars. Dozens of engagement tools. Summit gamification includes leaderboards, treasure hunts and trivia games.

Interactive & Engaging

Attendees can watch keynotes, engage within multiple breakout sessions, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, access content, and participate in ongoing forum discussions.

Beyond Ordinary

Our virtual summit will go above and beyond a standard online conference meeting. Our summit will be fun to navigate with engaging and well produced presentations that offer multiple ways to engage before, during, and after.

Swag Bags

Everyone who attends will receive a digital swag bag and certificate of attendance. Newsletter subscribers are eligible for our physical swag bags giveaway! Sign up today!

Why Crypto Mindset reset?

The goal of our summit is build upon the strength of our community by providing tools to effectively use crypto. Don’t just attend, don’t just watch, DO SOMETHING.

 Our presentations and workshops are designed for you to follow along and get things done to improve your life before, during and after the summit. The Crypto Mindset Reset is the ideal platform for everybody in the crypto community to join forces! If you are a crypto noob, trader, investor, business owner or Satoshi level expert – you’re in the right place!

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Date/TimeNamelink to joinDescriptionNotes 
13-12-22 08:00Login Begins Join us in the greenroomLet us know if you can’t make it for your assigned time 
13-12-22 09:00Mike Wilson IntroductionsVegas Crypto Group 
13-12-22 09:15Yamez Phi  Technology as Magic 
13-12-22 09:27Motivational Mitch  PRMoiivational Mondays 
13-12-22 09:30Paul Puey KeynoteEdge wallet 
13-12-22 10:00Panel  PRTrekk et. al. 
13-12-22 10:30Douglas Tuman Privacy & SecurityMonero Talk 
13-12-22 11:00Chris Groshong WorkshopCoinstrctive 
13-12-22 12:00Lunch/Networking PanelAlternate Speaker Slot Available 
13-12-22 13:00Frank Trez Workshop – SecurityInfoSec 
13-12-22 13:30David Baxter Workshop – Blockchain & Web3Blockchain Learning Center 
13-12-22 14:30Chris Kramer WorkshopSoMee Social 
13-12-22 15:00Bockchain Wayne WorkshopFIO 
13-12-22 16:00Rob McNealy WorkshopTUSC 
13-12-22 16:30Jim Blasko SpeakerAspire 
13-12-22 16:40Musashi WorkshopMolach Digital 
13-12-22 16:45Mike Wilson Close Day OneVegas Crypto Group 
Date/TimeNamelink to joinDescriptionNotes 
14-12-22 09:00Mike Wilson IntroductionsVegas Crypto Group 
14-12-22 09:15Yamez Phi Guided MeditationPresident PI 
14-12-22 09:30Seth Estrada Keynote – Privacy & SecurityMineYour.Biz 
14-12-22 10:00Panel  Future of CryptoRiceTVx, Crypto Blood, Trekk, 3D 
14-12-22 00:00Pirate Chain Privacy & CommunityAlternate Speaker Assigned 
14-12-22 11:00Corey WorkshopUplift 
14-12-22 12:00Crowetic WorkshopQortal 
14-12-22 13:00Nemesist Special PresentationThe Family Mine 
14-12-22 14:00Trekk & 3D WorkshopUplift / BuildRDAO 
14-12-22 15:00Miggy SpeakerNFT & Gaming 
14-12-22 15:30Kalen G. Smith SpeakerNFT & Royalties 
14-12-22 15:45Oscar Sanchez Jr SpeakerNFT & Web3 
14-12-22 16:00Majid Zafary SpeakerNFT Incubator & Accelerator 
14-12-22 16:15Naga R. Samineni SpeakerMetaKeep 
14-12-22 16:30Brian Weiner SpeakerSizzle & IllusionQuest 
14-12-22 16:45Aaron Mangal Close Day TwoEmerging Tech Mastery Podcast 
14-12-22 17:00WonFiddy AfterpartyBoltVR 


Founder Vegas Crypto Group
Metaverse Builder, Crypto Content Producer
Metaverse Builder, Crypto Content Producer
The Family Mine
NFT & Metaverse Specialist
CEO of Aspire Techonology Incaverse Specialist
Information Security

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    frequently asked questions

     No, we’re not charging, the summit is free. There is a paid VIP membership package which offers additional benefits. We’re organizing this summit to share knowledge and increase exposure to quality projects.

     Webinar like content with slides and a webcam, Q & A with the live audience.

    The deadline for submission is October 23rd unless otherwise stated.

    We ask our speakers to refrain from overly self promotional content. During the summit speakers are encouraged to engage with their audience using pre-selected poll questions and a call to action.

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