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The Security Mindset Reset is an annual US tour that starts with our Las Vegas kick-off promo and finishes with our national conference in Miami. It features; educational talks, demonstrations and hands-on workshops, and merited panels. We work hand in hand with meetup organizers in major markets to most effectively plan and deploy the tour.

Think Like An Attacker

Learn the methodology used by real-life hackers that have been used to breach both cryptocurrency projects and large companies alike. Get a fundamental understanding of security from the perspective of an attacker, and learn from industry-leading cyber-security experts. Have you ever wanted to pick the brain of a real-life penetration tester who hacks companies for a living? This is your chance!

Are you seeking a blockchain community to participate in?

 Join us and you can learn about topics such as the tools, tactics, and procedures used by bad actors. Come and learn from security experts. Secure your next blockchain-based project and avoid falling victim to bad actors from both internal and external threats.

Response and Recovery

Learn how to identify and respond to an active attack. In this series we’ll look at the tools, skills, and practices that you need can give you the skills necessary to stop capture all relevant information necessary for a digital forensics pro to help you identify your attacker and make you a less enticing target

Hands On and Face to Face

Small class sizes and hands on exercises are part of what makes our workshops effective. The skilled hackers that deliver these trainings are committed to assuring that all attendees get the proper assistance needed to thoroughly absorb the lesson materials.

Call for topics!

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